We’ve been busy at MIDAS HQ for the past 6 months working on a major update to MIDAS. This update is packed full of new features and improvements. May of these are as a result of customer feedback and suggestions.

This major update, MIDAS version 4, is anticipated to be available this Summer. But because we’re so excited about it, over the next few weeks, we’re going to be blogging about some of the new features and improvements to give you a first look at what’s in store! …and we can promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

New for MIDAS v4: Weekly & Multiple Day Views

In earlier versions of our room booking web app, you could view your bookings in two ways – in a “daily” view and a “monthly” overview. The daily view displayed bookings for a single selected calendar date. The monthly view gave a quick overview of bookings taking place during a calendar month. One request we often hear from customers is for there to also be a “week” view as well. Well, for MIDAS v4, we’ve gone one better!!

In MIDAS v4 you will be able to view the now familiar booking grid over a date range you control of between 1-14 days on one single screen!

Here are the very first screenshots from MIDAS v4 showing the new booking grid:

5-Day View:

5 day view of bookings in MIDAS
5 day view of bookings in MIDAS

7-Day View:

7 day (weekly view) of bookings in MIDAS
7 day (weekly) view of bookings in MIDAS

14-Day View:

14 day (two week) view of bookings in MIDAS
14 day (two week) view of bookings in MIDAS