Firefox 12
Today sees the release of another significant browser update from Mozilla – Firefox 12. You can find out what’s new in the Release Notes for Firefox 12!

Today also marks the date when Mozilla are officially no longer supporting Firefox 3.6. Announcing this news last month, Mozilla urged everyone to update to at least version 4 saying “We strongly advise our users to upgrade from Firefox 3.6, as they will no longer receive critical security updates as of April 24th”

Our browser based booking app, MIDAS continues to run in Firefox 3.6 although we always strongly recommend using the most up-to-date browser version. You can find a list of which browsers and versions are supported on our Browser Requirements page.

Whilst the current version of MIDAS (v3.15) will run on Firefox 3.6, now that Mozilla no longer support Firefox 3.6, we will also be dropping support for Firefox 3.6 with our next update to MIDAS. We’re talk more about this in subsequent posts, so watch this space!

So if for some reason you’re still using Firefox 3.6, now’s the time to update your browser!