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Colorize Venues

If you have dozens of venues in your MIDAS system, wouldn’t it be useful to color-code each in the booking grid for easy identification?

The ability to “Colorize Venues” is an often voted for Feature Request, and so we’re implementing this for v4.25.

"Colorize" venues in the Booking Grid
“Colorized” venues in the Booking Grid

It’s long been our intention to do this, but our desired way to do so has until recently not been fully supported by all browsers. Now, browser support is at a stage where we can confidently implement this option.

Each individual venue in MIDAS can now be assigned its own color. The “row” in the booking grid for that venue will then appear “highlighted” in its assigned color.

A color may be assigned to each venue via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Venues → [Select Venue(s)] → Colorize.

These are just a few of the new and improved features for MIDAS v4.25. Please see this post for details of other new features you’ll find in v4.25.

Reddit You can also ask questions and discuss the new features of v4.25 over on Reddit.

Include field names on booking blocks

MIDAS v4.18 is almost ready for general release, and boasts a variety of user-requested features and improvements.

One of these improvements concerns the way that information is display on “blocks” within the booking grid. Each “block” within the booking grid represents a booking. Administrators can set up to two booking fields to display within each block. A further two booking fields can be set to display on the associated tooltip.

Here’s a typical example showing the Client and Organization field values on the booking block, and the booking times and booking notes in a corresponding tooltip:

Booking Block within the MIDAS Booking Grid

Now, that’s all fairly obvious as to which fields are being displayed. But as MIDAS allows you to add your own custom booking fields, which can also be shown on booking blocks and their tooltips, consider the following example:

Booking Block within the MIDAS Booking Grid with no field names

In the above example, the value of two custom booking fields has been set to shown on booking blocks. These two fields are drop-down lists. However, because the name of the field isn’t shown on the block, only it’s value, the above offers little insight into what’s being shown.

That’s why for v4.18, we’re giving administrators the option to choose whether individual field names are included on booking blocks/tooltips along with their corresponding values, or just the field values only (as in earlier versions of MIDAS).

Here’s the above example again but this time with the settings configured to include the name of the field too:

Booking Block within the MIDAS Booking Grid displaying the names and values of custom booking fields

As you can see, this is a lot much user-friendly. So we’re sure this improvement will be welcomed by our customers.

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In MIDAS v4 we’re making the process of moving/rescheduling bookings incredibly simple!!

Until now, if you needed to move a booking to a different venue, or perhaps postpone it until the following week, you’d have to click on the booking in the grid, select “Modify Booking”, then manually change the venue/dates/times on the “Modify Booking Form”. After that you’d have to proceed through the “Booking Availability” check before the booking is finally rescheduled – all in all requiring half a dozen or more mouse clicks and at least a couple of minutes as you went through the various steps.

In MIDAS v4 you can reschedule bookings in seconds…
…simply “drag and drop” the existing booking to a new venue/time slot!

Drag and Drop Bookings to Reschedule

Display pending/provisional and deleted bookings in the grid!

Moving bookings is not all you can do from the improved booking grid in v4! You can now also show pending booking requests as well as recently deleted bookings in the booking grid too!

Pending booking requests can then be approved/queried/modified/rejected/locked direct from the booking grid with just a click:

Approve Provisional Booking Requests from the Grid

..and deleted bookings can be restored in the same way too:

Recover Deleted Bookings

Generate Invoices directly from the grid!

Generate Invoice

Don’t want to generate an invoice when making a booking? No problem! In MIDAS v4 you can click a booking in the grid and instantly generate an invoice for that booking!

These exciting new improvements to the booking grid in MIDAS v4 will undoubtedly improve your productivity by streamlining the process of rescheduling bookings, approving requests, and recovering erroneously deleted bookings!

New Weekly & Multi-Day Views

We’ve been busy at MIDAS HQ for the past 6 months working on a major update to MIDAS. This update is packed full of new features and improvements. May of these are as a result of customer feedback and suggestions.

This major update, MIDAS version 4, is anticipated to be available this Summer. But because we’re so excited about it, over the next few weeks, we’re going to be blogging about some of the new features and improvements to give you a first look at what’s in store! …and we can promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

New for MIDAS v4: Weekly & Multiple Day Views

In earlier versions of our room booking web app, you could view your bookings in two ways – in a “daily” view and a “monthly” overview. The daily view displayed bookings for a single selected calendar date. The monthly view gave a quick overview of bookings taking place during a calendar month. One request we often hear from customers is for there to also be a “week” view as well. Well, for MIDAS v4, we’ve gone one better!!

In MIDAS v4 you will be able to view the now familiar booking grid over a date range you control of between 1-14 days on one single screen!

Here are the very first screenshots from MIDAS v4 showing the new booking grid:

5-Day View:

5 day view of bookings in MIDAS
5 day view of bookings in MIDAS

7-Day View:

7 day (weekly view) of bookings in MIDAS
7 day (weekly) view of bookings in MIDAS

14-Day View:

14 day (two week) view of bookings in MIDAS
14 day (two week) view of bookings in MIDAS