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Statistics and Reporting Improvements

We’re making some improvements to Statistics and Reporting for v4.25. These include…

Filter Options

To declutter the Statistics & Reporting screen, the display of filters – such as date range selection – can now be toggled. There’s a new “Filter” button at the top of Statistics screens:

Advance Filter Options may be accessed via the new "Filter" button
Advance Filter Options may be accessed via the new “Filter” button

Clicking this button will toggle the display of applicable filters for the current report:

Advanced Filters shown for Booking Statistics report
Advanced Filters shown for Booking Statistics report

Filter Venue Statistics By Booking Type

Previously, Venue Statistics report generation was for all venues, or for an individual venue. Now, it’s possible to further filter Venue Statistics by Booking Type too.

Identify Clients Who Are Also Users

When viewing Statistics for an individual client, MIDAS will now indicate whether that client also has a user account in the system.

Export Statistics

Since v4.18, it’s been possible to export Statistics and Reports in Excel format (.xlsx). This feature was available to all users who had access to the Statistics screen (via the “Can Use Statistics” User Permission).

As we’re introducing a dedicated “Can Import / Export” user permission for v4.25, the ability to export Statistics and Reports will now only be available to users who are allowed to export data.

These are just a few of the new and improved features for MIDAS v4.25. Please see this post for details of other new features you’ll find in v4.25.

Reddit You can also ask questions and discuss the new features of v4.25 over on Reddit.

We think we’ve really “Excelled” with our forthcoming update to MIDAS… literally!

…because we’re adding the ability to export directly in the native Excel (2007+) .xlsx format.

Previously in MIDAS, if you wished to export bookings, clients, invoice summaries, or resources directly to Excel, you’d first need to export as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, and then import this file into Excel.

However, in MIDAS v4.18, you’ll now be able to export data directly into a native .xlsx Excel 2007+ format!

Export data to Excel (.xlsx)
Export data to Excel (.xlsx)

Furthermore, following customer feedback, we’re also providing the ability to export Statistics & Reports data directly to Excel too. On Statistics report pages you’ll now find an “Export” icon:

Export statistics to Excel (.xlsx)
Export statistics to Excel (.xlsx)

Self-Hosted Customers: Please note – in order to take advantage of the new Excel export options in MIDAS v4.18, you’ll need to ensure that the Perl module “Excel::Writer::XLSX” has been installed on your server. (This module is already installed on our cloud-hosted infrastructure). For assistance installing Perl modules on your server, please refer to our KB article: How to install Perl modules.

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New Tool: Import Client Data into MIDAS

One of the things we frequently get asked by our customers is; “Is there a way to import my existing data into MIDAS?”. Well, we’ve listened to you, and have now released an easy-to-use import tool to allow you to do just that!

Using our free import tool, you can import client data into MIDAS v3.00 or later, that is either in a .csv (Comma Separated Values), or a .txt (Tab, or other character, Delimited) file format.

This means that provided your 3rd party application allows you to export client/contact data in one of these formats, you can easily import it directly into MIDAS!

You can also use our import tool to import data directly from a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft’s Excel!

We’ve even given you the option to replace, or simply add to your existing client data when importing new data!

Here’s a few screenshots of the new import tool:

Step 1 - Select data to import
Step 2 - Import settings
Step 3 - Import data

For further information, and to download our free import tool, please see the following Knowledge Base Article:
How do I import client data from another application into MIDAS?