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With development nearing completion on the next update to our room booking and resource scheduling software, MIDAS, we’re shedding a little light here on our blog on some of the new and improved features to look forward to in v4.13…

When a new booking request or message is received or a new “watch notification” triggered, MIDAS alerts the user by subtly changing the relevant toolbar icon to denote the number of new booking requests or messages requiring your attention. Users can also optionally choose to see a list of these requests/messages each time they login in.

Furthermore, a user can optionally choose to be sent email notifications upon each new booking request, message, or watch notification.

With the upcoming new addition of Desktop Notifications in v4.13, which enables more prominent on-screen alerts to logged in users upon new booking requests, messages,or watch notifications, we’ve added a useful new option to v4.13..

Suppress New Booking Request Email NotificationsSuppress New Message/Watch Notification Emails
Suppress new Booking Request email notifications whilst logged inSuppress new Message/Watch notification emails whilst logged in

The new settings will allow a user to suppress receiving such notifications in their email inbox whilst they are currently logged in to MIDAS, so they’ll only be sent during those times they’re away from their computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device, and logged out.

We believe these new per-user setting will help to reduce the number of redundant email notifications from your MIDAS system, but of course, because this setting can easily be toggled on/off by users at any time – if you do still want to receive an email notification on every new request/message, even when you’re logged in you’ll still be able to do so!

New Desktop Notifications

MIDAS Desktop NotificationsDevelopment is nearing completion on the next exciting update to our room booking and resource scheduling software, MIDAS, and over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing a “first look” at some of the new and improved features coming in v4.13.

One of the new features in MIDAS v4.13 is “Desktop Notifications” on web browsers which support such notifications (At time of writing, this includes current versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, with Edge support coming soon!).

Desktop Notifications are small pop-up messages (sometimes called “toasts” due to the way they animate – like toast popping up out of a toaster!) generated by an application. You’ve probably seen similar notifications before – for example in your email client or messenger apps when a new message arrives.

In MIDAS, Desktop Notifications will alert you to new booking requests requiring your approval, as well as new messages from other users, reminders, and watch notifications. Notifications will usually display in the lower left corner of your screen, even if your web browser window is minimized or hiding behind another application – so you’ll never miss another notification!

The notifications will also automatically close after a few seconds, or can be closed manually.

Enable MIDAS Desktop NotificationsIn order to take advantage of Desktop Notifications in MIDAS v4.13, the first time a notification is to be shown, your web browser will prompt you to allow desktop notifications for your MIDAS system. Simply click “Allow” to grant permission to MIDAS to show you notifications (you’ll only need to grant this permission once):

If you decide at a later stage that you wish to turn off your MIDAS Desktop Notifications, you’ll be able to disable them in your browser’s settings.

MIDAS v4.13 is expected to be made available to Beta Testers in the next few weeks, with a general release shortly after. We’re always looking for additional testers to help test and provide feedback/bug reports on pre-release versions of our software, like v4.13. Becoming a tester is free and no experience is required, and what’s more we’ll reward you for your participation! Find out more about becoming a MIDAS Beta Tester here.

If you would like to be notified when v4.13 is fully released, then why not join our Mailing List?

Booking Cancellation Notifications

The next update to our web based room booking and resource scheduling software is just around the corner, and so over the coming days on our blog we’re going to give you a first look at some of the new features and improvements you can look forward to in MIDAS v4.11..

The first new feature of v4.11 we’d like to unveil is the ability to send a “Booking Cancellation” to a client when their booking(s) are deleted from the system.

When bookings are deleted, users will now be presented with the option to send a booking cancellation notification, along with a brief reason why the booking has been “deleted” (canceled):

Send Booking Cancellation Notifications

This functionality is available when individual bookings are deleted, or when multiple bookings are deleted via the “Delete Similar Bookings” function.

Like other email notifications that MIDAS is capable of generating, you also be able to customize the content of the “Booking Cancellation” email template too.

MIDAS v4.11 will soon be generally available, however for now it is only available to Beta Testers. We’re currently looking for additional testers to help test and provide feedback/bug reports on this and future updates to our software before release. It’s free and no experience is required. Find out more here.

If you would like to be notified when v4.11 is fully released, then why not join our Mailing List?

MIDAS v3.14 is here!

We are pleased to announce the release of MIDAS v3.14! This update contains a number of exciting new features and enhancements to our popular web-based scheduling software, including:

  • Receive notifications when consumables are low!
  • Receive notifications when specific resources are added to bookings!
  • Graphical Invoice Statistics on your clients, organizations and booking types!
  • Statistics can now be printed!
  • “Apply Discounts Silently” option to apply discounts, but “hide” reference to them on invoices
  • Ability to be notified if another user modifies/deletes bookings you created
  • Setting to have “Watches” and internal messages from other users automatically forwarded to your email address
  • Setting to suppress the “My Messages” popup upon login
  • Change what information is displayed on dates in the Monthly Overview

You can read more about these exciting new features in our previous blog entry, and we’ve also produced a 10 minute video tutorial guiding you through exactly what’s new in MIDAS v3.14…

New Features in v3.14

If you’re an existing MIDAS user with a current Annual Support Subscription, you can upgrade to v3.14 right now! Simply login to your MIDAS, click the “MIDAS Admin Options” icon and select “Manage MIDAS -> Update”. If your Annual Support Subscription has recently expired, don’t worry – you can quickly renew your subscription. …and if we host MIDAS for you, then you’ve already been updated to v3.14!

If you’re new to MIDAS, why not read more about the features of MIDAS and check out the online demo.

To get MIDAS working for YOUR company/organization, grab yourself a copy of MIDAS v3.14 now!