It may be a new year, but we’ve been hard at work on the next update (v4.21) to our room booking and resource scheduling system. We’re giving you a “first look” here on the blog at some of the upcoming features you can expect.

Invoicing has been a staple feature of our software for many years. Following customer feedback, for v4.08 we expanded the invoice generation capabilities of MIDAS to also allow generating “Cancellation Invoices“.

This feature automatically charges a cancellation fee to your clients and generates an invoice accordingly if their bookings are cancelled (removed from the system) at very short notice.

This has been well-received by customers, many of whom have also asked for the ability for their MIDAS system to generate “deposit” invoices too.

Well, we’ve listened, and are excited to announce that “Deposit Invoices” are finally coming in MIDAS v4.21!

When generating invoices for bookings and deposit invoicing is enabled, MIDAS will instead generate two invoices; the usual “regular” invoice and a separate “deposit” invoice.

Deposit Invoice Settings in MIDAS v4.21
Deposit Invoice Settings in MIDAS v4.21

The amount charged on a deposit invoice can be customized. It can either be set to a fixed amount, or as a percentage of the overall total booking cost.

Furthermore, there’s also the option to deduct the value of the “deposit” invoice from the “regular” invoice. In not selected, the deposit charge will be in addition to the main booking/hire charge.