You can help us improve MIDAS by becoming a BETA Tester!

What is a MIDAS BETA Tester?

A MIDAS BETA Tester is someone who tries out new versions of MIDAS before they are publicly released, and reports any issues/glitches they find in these pre-release versions

Can anyone become a BETA Tester?

Yes! Whether you’re an existing MIDAS user or not, you can apply to become a MIDAS BETA Tester. No programming experience is necessary!

What are the benefits?

To us, the benefits are enormous, as this testing helps us identify and correct issues that we might otherwise miss before a new version gets released… in return you get to play with new features before they are released, and have a say into the development of MIDAS!

Is it FREE?

Yes, being a MIDAS BETA Tester is completely FREE!!

To find out more and to apply to become a BETA Tester, please visit