MIDAS v4.03 is just around the corner, and this update to our popular web based scheduling software will include a number of new features and improvements over previous versions.

Perhaps one of the most exciting new features of v4.03 will be the introduction of a new “addon” system, allowing the capabilities of your MIDAS to be extended through a range of optional extras.

A couple of optional “addons” will be initially available to coincide with the release of MIDAS v4.03, including a much anticipated API addon, and also an RSS addon…

API Access

MIDAS APIThe “API Access” addon will allow developers to interface directly with MIDAS from their own software applications! You can read more here.

Extensive API Documentation, including code samples, is already available online and the API Access addon is also now available to Beta Testers.

If you’re a programmer/developer and would like to test the new API, become a Beta Tester today!

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds Settings

The RSS Feeds addon will allow MIDAS to automatically generate multiple public RSS 2.0/Atom data feeds from your booking data! Read More »

…and here’s an example of a typical MIDAS RSS Feed

Both the above “addons” are available right now to beta testers, and can be found within the software via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Addons

Once MIDAS v4.03 is released, new customers will be able to include optional addons at time of purchase, or add them at a later date.
Existing users will be able to obtain addons for their MIDAS as upgrades in just a few simple steps!