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MRBS alternative room booking and resource scheduling software system

Below is a comparison of the key published features of MRBS with MIDAS...

MRBS vs MIDAS Feature Comparison

FeatureMRBS (Meeting Room Booking System)MIDAS
PlatformWeb Based - Available from any workstation through a BrowserWeb Based - Available from any device with a modern browser (all major browsers supported!)
Device SupportDesktop/Laptop onlyDesktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile device support
InterfaceSimple to follow, Web based options and intuitive presentationMIDAS features an intuitive user interface with a "responsive design", that will automatically adjust the size of your device's screen
Recurring BookingsFlexible Repeating BookingsFlexible Repetitive Bookings - Learn More
Single Sign-OnAuthentication with your existing user database (e.g. Netware, NT Domain, NIS etc.)Authentication possible via Active Directory/LDAP providing seamless single sign-on capabilities 1
Booking ConflictsEnsures that conflicting entries cannot be enteredMIDAS won't allow double-bookings... ever!
ReportingReporting optionExtensive graphical reports and statistics and be instantly generated. You can also export data for analysis and use in 3rd party applications - Learn More
Calendar ViewsSelectable DAY / WEEK / MONTH viewsDay, multi-day (2 days - 8 weeks!), and monthly view options available - Learn More
User LevelsMultiple auth levels (read-only, user, admin)An extensive range of over 30 user permissions can be individually assigned to each user account - Learn More
Booking OptionsSupport for bookings by time or period - ideal for use in schoolsBookings can be configured (on a per user basis) to allow booking by discrete start and finish times, or start time and duration, or predefine periods (Ideal for use in schools!), or even by number of nights (Ideal for use in hotels!)
NotificationsRoom administrators can be notified of bookings by emailNot only can room administrators be notified when new bookings/booking requests are made, MIDAS includes a powerful "Watches" feature that allows user to be notified when all kinds of activity takes place - for example, when a certain resource is added to a booking, when certain bookings are modified, or when consumables are running low! - Learn More
LanguagesMultiple languages supportedMultiple languages supported - plus we provide tools to translate MIDAS into other languages
UsageStable and in use at many organizationsMIDAS stable and trusted by organizations of all types and sizes all across the world!
DevelopmentDeveloped in author's "spare time"MIDAS has been in continual active development since 2005.
DatabaseMySQL and Postgres supportMySQL and MariaDB support
InstallationCustomer needs to install MRBS on their own serverBoth Cloud-Hosted (SaaS) and Self-Hosted (on-premises) editions of MIDAS are available - Learn More
DocumentationBasic, Online onlyComplete Online documentation, Offline and printable complete manuals in PDF format, over 70 video tutorials, an extensive Knowledge Base
SupportBasic Public Ticket system & mailing list. Authors "prefer not to receive email from users directly"Live Chat and Dedicated Priority Email support (typical responses within 1 hour, regardless of the day of week!) - see our current response times
PriceFree DownloadView Pricing

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1 Only available in self-hosted editions licensed for Unlimited users.
Information on MRBS features obtained from the official MRBS website and correct at time of publication