As you may be aware, we are a UK based business, and therefore our core pricing is in Pound Sterling (GBP).

However our customer base is global, with around 70% of our customers residing outside the UK.

Because of our global reach, we also accept payment in a variety of other currencies too, including the Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR), and US Dollar (USD).

As our core pricing is referenced back to Pound Sterling (GBP), our systems routinely retrieve daily the current exchange rates between GBP and each of the other currencies we support, from the ECB (European Central Bank) and then automatically adjust the pricing on our website accordingly. This occurs each day (and we display on our website the date & time when the exchange rates were last updated)

This may mean that if you view international (non-Sterling) pricing on our website on any given day, and then check back another day the prices may have changed from those listed upon your initial visit.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the prices you’ll see on your return visit will be higher – in many cases they may be lower! In fact, since the UK voted to leave the EU back in June last year, our non-Sterling prices have been on average 10% lower than they were before 23rd June 2016.

We’re committed to fair and transparent pricing, and our core Sterling pricing for MIDAS has remained fixed for a number of years now – we’ve not raised our prices as a result of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

However, due the wider instability and uncertainty in global markets that have become more prevalent in recent times, as a result of – for example, Brexit and the Trump presidency – this had tended to mean that our international prices have fluctuated a little more day to day than they have previously.

Therefore, for the benefit of all our customers, we’ve now introduced a small improvement in the way that our systems automatically adjust our international (non Sterling) pricing each day.

Instead of using the current exchange rates on each specific day itself in isolation, our systems each day will now take an average of the daily exchange rates for the previous 7 day period.

This will help smooth out and reduce the small price fluctuations you may see on our website from day to day!

We also know that many organizations require a formal fixed-price quotation, which we’re happy to provide (with prices fixed for 30 days) – Please contact us for a quote today if interested!