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Will I need to increase user and venue limits if I add more databases?

When you purchase or subscribe to a MIDAS room booking system, the software is licensed for a maximum number of "venues" (rooms/bookable spaces) you wish to manage bookings for, and a maximum number of individual user accounts (logins) you require.

Unless you initially opted for an "Unlimited" license, you may upgrade the maximum number of venues and/or user accounts on your license at any time. This allows your booking system to grow in step with your operational needs.

You can also upgrade your MIDAS scheduling system by adding additional databases to your interface. This allows you to run separate instances of MIDAS which all share a common login screen, whilst maintaining distinctly separate databases.

If you wish to upgrade and add additional databases to your license, it's important to note that the maximum user and venue limits your booking system is currently licensed for still apply. These limits are shared amongst all databases you add to a MIDAS system - they are not "per database" limits.

For example, let's assume your MIDAS room booking system is currently licensed for "up to 20 users" and "up to 30 venues". Let's also assume that you've already added a total of 25 venues and 18 users to it. You therefore have 2 spare (unused) user slots and 5 spare venue slots on your license.

Adding an additional database will not "reset" these license limits for your new database. You'll still be limited to a total of 20 users and 30 venues total shared across both databases. In our above example, this would mean that in your additional database, you'd only be able to add a maximum of 5 venues and 2 user accounts.

Venues and user accounts are unique to each database within the software. So if you wish a user to be able to login to more than one database within your MIDAS system, they will require a separate user account in each database.

Therefore, if you're considering upgrading to add further databases to your MIDAS system, you may need at the same time also consider increasing the maximum number of venues and/or users your booking system is licensed for.

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