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Can I downgrade my MIDAS license?

Each MIDAS Room Booking & Resource Scheduling System is licensed for a maximum number of users, venues (rooms/bookable spaces), and databases.

For example, an "Up to 5 users / Up to 10 venues" license would permit a maximum of 5 individual user accounts, and the ability to manage a maximum of up to 10 bookable spaces.

"Unlimited" user/venue licenses are also available, which have no limits on the number of user accounts and/or bookable venues as appropriate.

The number of users and venues a MIDAS booking system is licensed for is chosen at time of initial purchase or subscription. However, a license may be subsequently upgraded (along with the maximum number of databases) at any time via mid.as/upgrade if you wish to add more users/venues than your current license allows.

If you run a Self-Hosted MIDAS system:

After purchasing a license upgrade, we'll supply you with a new license file along with instructions of how to apply the updated license to enable your additional users, venues, and/or databases.

Should you wish in the future to "downgrade" your license, you can simply replace your current license file with an earlier version of your license. However, please note, doing so will then prevent access to those additional user accounts, venues and databases which then exceed the maximum allowed limits on the license you've reverted to. For this reason, we do not recommend "downgrading" a license. Also please note that in accordance with our Refund Policy, you would not be entitled to a refund on your license upgrade cost, should you subsequently downgrade your MIDAS license and revert back to an earlier license file.

If you have a Cloud-Hosted MIDAS system:

After purchasing a license upgrade, we'll automatically apply you new license to your hosted MIDAS system.

License "downgrades" for cloud-hosted customers are generally not offered, and in accordance with our Refund Policy, refunds on license upgrades are none-refundable should you wish to downgrade the number of users, venues, or databases your system is licensed for.

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