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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the "RSS Feeds" and "Data Feeds" addons?

"Data Feeds" is the new name for the previous "RSS Feeds" which was available for MIDAS v4.03 - v4.22.

For v4.23, this addon has been renamed to "Data Feeds", to reflect the additional functionality this addon now boasts.

The improved "Data Feeds" addon is backwards-compatible with the old "RSS Feeds" addon, so previous customers won't loose any previous settings/functionality when updating.

Customers who previously purchased the older "RSS Feeds" addon will be automatically upgraded to the new "Data Feeds" addon upon updating their MIDAS systems to v4.23 (or later).

Bookings have changed in my MIDAS system, but why are they not reflected in my external calendar?

If you've "subscribed" your external calendar (i.e. Goole Calendar, Outlook, etc) to a data feed generated by the Data Feeds addon, it is at the discretion of your 3rd party calendar how frequently it "polls" (checks for changes) the data feed. Typically, this may only be once per day, and therefore, it may be up to 24 hours before any changes made to bookings in MIDAS are reflected in your external calendar.

If you're after a "real-time" calendar of bookings for your website that reflects the "live" state of bookings in your MIDAS system each time it is viewed, then you may like to consider our optional Web Calendars addon instead.