Data Feeds Addon Installing the Data Feeds Addon

The "Data Feeds" addon is available as an option for MIDAS v4.23 or later, and may be purchased along with MIDAS, or added to an existing system at a later stage.
  • To purchase MIDAS and the Data Feeds addon, please visit:
  • To add the Data Feeds addon to an existing MIDAS installation, please visit the upgrade page
Once purchased, the Data Feeds addon will become available for one-click installation via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Addons → Addons Ready To Install → Data Feeds

Once installed, various Feed settings are available via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Addons → Installed Addons → Data Feeds

Information for existing "RSS Feed" addon users:

Previously, this addon was named "RSS Feeds" in MIDAS v4.03 - v4.22.

For v4.23, this addon has been renamed to "Data Feeds", to reflect the additional functionality this addon now boasts.

The improved "Data Feeds" addon is backwards-compatible with the old "RSS Feeds" addon, so previous customers won't loose any previous settings/functionality when updating.

Customers who previously purchased the older "RSS Feeds" addon will be automatically upgraded to the new "Data Feeds" addon upon updating their MIDAS systems to v4.23 (or later).