Over the past weekend, we’ve published nearly 80 brand new, concise, and easy to follow video tutorials… and best of all, they’re all FREE!

The original dozen or so tutorial videos we produced a number of years ago now regularly receive great praise from our customers, so we thought it was about time to overhaul and update these great resources for MIDAS users! (Along of course with complete help documentation that’s available both online and offline, an extensive Knowledge Base, and responsive support!)

These short new “How To” videos guide you step-by-step through all areas of MIDAS, and because they’re on-demand, you can watch them again and again to learn your way around MIDAS at your own pace.

We’ve broken these exciting new tutorials down into key topic areas, covering Getting Started; Bookings; Clients; Users; Venues; Printing; Email; Invoicing; Resources; Searching; Messages, Notifications, Watches, and Reminders; Public Features; Settings; Import/Export; and Security.

You’ll find a complete list of all these video tutorials and be able to watch them online at https://mid.as/tutorials

If you’re brand new to MIDAS, here’s just one of our new “How To” tutorial videos on finding your way around the user interface:

How to find your way around MIDAS

…and speaking of finding your way around the MIDAS interface, there’s a built-in “Quick Tour” coming with our next update to MIDAS too! Read More…

In the meantime, we hope that you’ll find our new “How To” video tutorials really useful!

As well as finding our video tutorials on our main website, you’ll also find them on YouTube and DailyMotion too!