Digital Signage The Digital Signage addon for our room booking and resource scheduling software is a feature-rich signage solution offering real-time display of your room bookings on TV screens around your site! Whether you’d like to display today’s bookings to visitors in your reception area, or have an individual screen outside each room just showing what’s currently taking place in that one room, our optional Digital Signage addon is for you! Find out how it works in this Video Tutorial.

Digital Signage Booking System

Today we’ve released an update to the Digital Signage addon.

The v1.09 update features better handling of server connection errors. Our Digital Signage addon has always allowed you to configure on a per-screen basis how often data on the screen should refresh. The default interval is every 5 minutes. This means every 5 minutes the addon needs to connect to your MIDAS server to retrieve the most up-to-date information to display on your screens.

No more Unable To Connect ScreensIn previous versions, if the addon was unable to connect to your MIDAS server for whatever reason, your signage screens could then display an ugly browser “Web page not available”-type screen. This would then require a subsequent manual refresh in order to display data again.

We’ve massively improved this for v1.09 of the addon! Now, if the addon is unable to connect to your server for any reason, it will simply retain the last known data on screen. At the same time, a small indication in the lower left corner indicating that the connection to the server has been lost will show. MIDAS will then keep attempting to automatically re-establish a connection to your server, and will update your screen(s) once the connection can be re-established.

We’re sure this update with meet with the approval of administrators, especially those running multiple screens around their site. Now there’s no need to manually refresh all screens after a server reboot or loss of internet connection!

The other notable improvement for v1.09 is in the way screen refreshes and transitions occur. Now the current screen will now smoothly “fade out” and then “fade in” the next screen.

You’ll find complete implementation, usage documentation and live examples of our Digital Signage at

How to Get The Digital Signage Addon For MIDAS:

Our Digital Signage addon v1.09 is available as a FREE update to customers with a previous version of the addon and who have a Support Subscription valid for MIDAS v4.07.

Customers may update their addon via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage Addons → Addons Ready To Update

Customers who don’t already have the Digital Signage addon for their MIDAS can add it by upgrading

Customers who don’t yet have MIDAS can purchase MIDAS together with the optional Digital Signage addon here

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