Last week, we released two brand new addons for MIDAS. Today we take a closer look at some of the benefits that MIDAS, and our Digital Signage solution, are having on one organization in Canada…

The Livingston Centre in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada
The Livingston Center, Tillsonburg, Ontario

The Livingston Centre, situated in Tillsonburg, Ontario, is a unique “one-stop-shop” service building that houses five partners and twelve associated agencies.

The Livingston Centre have been using MIDAS to handle their scheduling requirements since 2012. Staff, volunteers, committees and members of the public book spaces at the Centre, and at another one of the center’s locations, through the reception team and communication coordinator.

The Digital Signage interface for MIDAS is used in The Livingston Centre with a screen located behind the reception desk. This screen displays all the meetings that are being held on a particular day for both their locations. The screen also includes a welcome message and the Centre’s own logo.

“MIDAS, along with the Digital Signage, has been a real time saver for our reception team!”

MIDAS Digital Signage in action at The Livingston Centre

On the benefits of having a Digital Signage system that directly interfaces with MIDAS, receptionist Debbie Clarke, comments;

“When I turn the TV screen on each morning there is no fussing around with the room booking schedule – it appears on the particular date showing all rooms that are booked, when the meetings are finished and/or have been deleted off of MIDAS they automatically disappear off of the TV screen! People who have booked space can see what room is booked and go to their meeting rooms without asking reception what room they are booked into. Most importantly MIDAS, along with the Digital Signage, has been a real time saver for our reception team!”

– Debbie Clarke, The Livingston Centre

Summing up the new Digital Signage Addon for MIDAS, Debbie simply says:

“It looks awesome!”

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