The next update to our web based room booking and resource scheduling software is fast approaching, and throughout this month we’re giving you a “first look” at some of the new features and improvements coming in MIDAS v4.11…

Perhaps one of the most powerful, yet overlooked, tools in MIDAS for administrators is the Recent Activity Log.

The Recent Activity Log records all recent actions that have taken place within your MIDAS system. It records the date, time, IP address and user who initiated the action.

We’re making a couple of improvements in this area for v4.11 to help you better understand and keep track of how your scheduling system is being used.

In v4.11, the Recent Activity Log now also records all failed login attempts, including those on locked or suspended user accounts:

Audit Log - Failed Login Attempts
Audit Log – Failed Login Attempts

Additionally, as the Recent Activity Log can become large, we’ve added a filter so that you can quickly filter the log by different event categories. The 8 categories available cover the following areas: Bookings, Clients, Email, Invoices, Printing, Settings, System, and Booking Requests.

For example, filtering the Recent Activity Log to only show events in the “Bookings” category will then only show log entries relating to the addition, modification, deletion, and restoration of bookings. Similarly, filtering the log by the “System” category will only show system-related log messages, including successful & failed login attempts, password changes, logouts, backup generation and system updates.

MIDAS v4.11 will soon be generally available, however for now it is only available to Beta Testers. We’re currently looking for additional testers to help test and provide feedback/bug reports on this and future updates to our software before release. It’s free and no experience is required. Find out more here.

If you would like to be notified when v4.11 is fully released, then why not join our Mailing List?