How To Make Public Web Bookings

This video tutorial covers making public web bookings.

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Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can make a public web booking.

This allows non users - so visitors to your website, members of the public - to book and pay for your facilities directly.

Now for this tutorial we're going to assume that we've already set up and enabled the public web booking features.

If you've not done this already this is covered in a separate video tutorial, but to access the public booking screen we simply append "book" to the end of the URL of your MIDAS system, and you'll see a screen that may look similar to this.

Now this layout here is with the "auto venue selection" option enabled, and with this option enabled, MIDAS will automatically select a venue for you.

You can alternatively set MIDAS to allow people to select individual rooms, but for this example we're going to have MIDAS pick from our "Meeting Rooms" group of venues.

So we select a date we wish to book.

We specify the times we wish - so let's go 1pm till 2pm in the afternoon, and we wish to book a room for four people.

We click "Next".

MIDAS has located a suitable room - in this case it's Room 10 - and then we proceed to enter our name.

So we'll say "John Smith" from the organization "MIDAS".

John Smith at M I D dot A S, and the little "Remember Me" tick box in the upper right corner - if we select this then next time we make a web booking these details here will automatically be remembered and filled in for us.

So next we proceed to payment.

And you'll see MIDAS will tell us the amount we have to pay to secure this booking, and there'll be a countdown timer that we must pay within this time frame.

So essentially at the moment, MIDAS has reserved this booking and once we pay it will become a confirmed booking.

If we fail to pay within this time, we'd have to start the process over again.

So we can select our payment method.

Enter the card holders name - "John Smith".

The card number - now again, obviously this is not a real card number.

The card expiry date, and the three-digit code on the reverse of the card.

And then click "Pay", and if our payment is received then you'll see we'll get a confirmation that our booking has been confirmed.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out some of our other video tutorials online.

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