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Why are prices shown on your website different from when I last visited?

As we are a UK-based business with have a global customer base, we're able to accept payments in a number of major world currencies (Including US, Canadian, and Australian Dollars, and Euros).

To ensure the lowest possible price for our customers, our MIDAS pricing is automatically and regularly adjusted (based on data from the ECB (European Central Bank)) to take into account fluctuations in global exchange rates.

This means that the prices you see on our website may vary slightly from one day to the next, and so we indicate the date/time when exchange rates were last adjusted at the bottom of each page showing prices on our website.

We appreciate that for customers wishing to purchase via an Official Purchase Order, the price needs to be fixed, and that's not a problem - we can "fix" a price for you, if you request a formal quotation or invoice (rather than purchasing outright directly through our secure site).

Because our quotations are valid for a period of 30 days, and our standard invoice payment terms are also 30 days, quotations and invoices are valid for 30 days from date of issue (even if exchange rates change during that time).

However, please do note that when we generate quotations or invoices, these reflect the current prices listed on our website at the time the quotation/invoice is produced. Within the 30 day validity period, the prices on our website may fall below those on your quotation/invoice.

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