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How frequently are updates for MIDAS released?

Our MIDAS Web Based Room Booking and Resource Scheduling system has been in continual active development since 2005.

We generally release two types of updates for our software - "major updates" and interim "maintenance updates".

"Major" Updates

Major updates always contain new & improved features (many of which are a direct result of customer feedback!), and we generally release these on average around 3-4 times every year. "Major" updates (and their release dates) are listed here.

Each "major" update results in an increment to the version number, for instance, 4.13, 4.14, 4.15, etc are all "major" updates.

"Maintenance" Updates

Maintenance (or "interim") updates are released more frequently than "major" updates, however they don't contain new or improved features. Their purpose is to provide fixes for any issues that have been reported/discovered since the last "major" update, or to provide improved stability/performance. "Maintenance" updates (and their release dates) are listed here.

"maintenance" updates do not result in an increment to the version number, but they can be identified by their build date (Statistics → MIDAS)

Both types of updates are included in our Annual Support Subscription, and for our cloud-hosted customers, updates are automatically applied. (Self-hosted customers with active subscriptions can easily update via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Update)

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