What is a Changelog?

A "Changelog" (or "Change Log") is a document or file that records changes made to a software program or application.

Often formatted as a bullet point list, a changelog typically includes a list of changes, along with information about the person or team responsible for the changes, and the date they were made.

Changelogs can be useful for users, as they provide a way to track updates and changes to a program over time.

They can also be useful for developers, as they can use the changelog to communicate information about updates to other members of their team or to the larger community of users.

As well as including a list of what's new and improved in a given software update, detailed changelogs may also include information of specific bugs which have been addressed and patched. They may also include details of any outstanding "Known Issues" that remain in the software.

A Changelog is also sometimes referred to as a software title's "Release Notes".

An example changelog may be viewed here.

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