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How long has MIDAS been in development?

Some of the important factors customers carefully consider when looking for a potential new room booking system for their venue is how long has it been around? ..and how often is it updated?

Well, work initially began on MIDAS in 2005, as a personal project to help a large, and busy, High School in the UK with their room scheduling for out-of-hours community, conference, and sports activities. Realizing the potential for MIDAS to benefit other schools and businesses, MIDAS saw its first commercial release in March 2006.

Read more about how MIDAS came into existence in this article from our blog

MIDAS has been in continual development ever since, and has grown and developed to become a leading world-class web based room booking and resource scheduling system which is trusted by organizations of all sizes and types around the globe!

We regularly release exciting new updates to our software packed full of new and improved features!

In 2014 alone we released 3 significant updates to our software, each one including new features, as well as numerous smaller interim updates inbetween these larger releases. You can view the complete release history in the changelog

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