Happy 9th Birthday, MIDAS!We’re celebrating a birthday today – ours! Yes, it’s been 9 years to the day since the very first version of MIDAS was publicly released back on 11th March 2006. Since then our software has grown and developed to become a leading world-class web based booking and scheduling system which is trusted by organizations of all sizes and types around the globe!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers – whether you’ve been with us just a short time, or been with us since the beginning! We love seeing the joy our software brings to customers and how it helps makes their lives and facilities administration easier!

Some of the important factors customers carefully consider when looking for a potential new room booking system for their venue is how long has it been around? ..and how often is it updated?

Whilst there are a handful of other room booking systems that have been around longer than ours, the majority of these are no longer maintained/updated. We’ve been around now for nine years, and our software remains in active development today!

So, if you’re not yet a customer, but are looking for a new room booking system for your venue, one that’s regularly updated with new features, and one backed by a proven track record of outstanding customer service for the past 9 years – then look no further than MIDAS!