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I'm seeing an "Unable to connect to database: Too many connections" error

This error can be produced if the MySQL server where your MIDAS database resides is currently overloaded (there are more connections/queries to the database server than it can concurrently handle at any given time).

In these instances, it's likely that the MySQL server that your MIDAS uses is a "shared" MySQL server - that is, it's also used for other non-MIDAS related databases/applications within your organization as well. As such, when the total number of connections/requests to the MySQL server (not just those from MIDAS) reaches the maximum allowed by the MySQL server, it will begin rejecting requests - and a "Too many connections" error will be generated by the server.

A "Too many connections" error is usually only temporary and once the number of concurrent connections to your MySQL server drops, you should then be able to access MIDAS again.

However, if you continue to frequently experience this error, your IT/system administrator will need to do one of the following:
  1. Increase the maximum number of connections/queries your MySQL server can concurrently handle (Check/modify your MySQL server's global "max_connections" and "max_user_connections" variables)
  2. Consider moving some of your existing MySQL databases across to other MySQL servers, if your existing server is struggling to handle the load of multiple MySQL databases on a single server.
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