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After installation, I'm transferred to the login screen, but the layout is all wrong, and there are no images/colors on the login screen

This issue can be caused if you've installed your self-hosted MIDAS system within the cgi-bin (or equivalent) directory on your server, and your server has been configured to automatically "execute" as a CGI script any file contained within this directory.

In these circumstances, your server ignores file types (i.e. .gif, .jpg, .html, .css, etc), and instead assumes that all files regardless of extension should be executed as a CGI script!.

The solution is to modify your server's configuration to avoid this. For example, the "ScriptAlias" setting in the httpd.conf file under Apache instructs Apache to execute as CGI scripts any file in the defined location - so if you've installed your MIDAS system to this location, consider either changing this server variable to another location, or to install your MIDAS system outside of your default cgi directory, to another cgi-enabled location.

Details of how to enable CGI execution for other server locations outside of the cgi-bin (regardless of platform) may be found in Step 3 of our How to install & configure Apache on a Windows server article.

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