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How many servers can I install MIDAS on?

When installing a self-hosted edition of our MIDAS booking software, you'll be presented with a license agreement (a copy of which may also be viewed here).

This license agreement permits you to install both a "live" (production) instance and a separate "test" instance of a self-hosted edition of MIDAS.

This allows you to test software updates and new features in a "test" environment, before updating your live/production system.

These two instances ("live/production" and "test") may both reside on the same server (at different locations and under different URLS). Alternatively, the two instances may be installed on separate servers.

If you attempt to install MIDAS to more than two servers/locations, your MIDAS ID (Product Key) will be blocked.

If you need to re-install MIDAS at any time, you can re-install over the top of an existing installation without your MIDAS ID becoming blocked.

Should you ever need to relocate a MIDAS system to a new server, please be sure to following the MIDAS relocation instructions here to prevent your MIDAS ID from becoming blocked.

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