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Can I access my cloud hosted MIDAS system from another country?

If you're traveling out of your home country on business or leisure, you may still want to be able to access your cloud hosted MIDAS room booking system from time to time whilst you're away.

The good news is that you can! (subject to the country restrictions outlined below). That's just one of the many benefits of cloud hosted software like ours - it's available and accessible whenever and wherever you are.

Current Country Restrictions

Whilst we generally do not impose restrictions on which countries you may access a cloud hosted MIDAS booking system from, there are currently a couple of exceptions.

Connections from the following countries are currently blocked. You will not be able to access cloud-hosted MIDAS booking systems from these countries at this time:

  • Belarus
  • Russian Federation

The reason for these specific country restrictions is outlined in this blog post.

Are there any other restrictions?

Additionally, from time to time our proactive network security may impose additional security measures on connections originating from certain other countries and territories.

Whilst such connections will not be blocked, visitors from these countries may be prompted to complete an additional security challenge. A security "challenge" may involve solving a "CAPTCHA" code to prove that you are human in order to proceed.

As this list of countries where an additional security step may be show is dynamic and regularly changes, we do publish this list here.

The country I'm in isn't listed as blocked, yet I still can't connect to my MIDAS system?

If you're struggling to connect from a country that isn't listed in this article, it may be that national restrictions are in place in the country you're in limiting your access to the internet, or preventing you from connecting to your hosted MIDAS system.

If you're able to try connecting via a different network and IP address, you may find that you're then able to connect. If not, you may need to resort to a VPN in order to be able to access your booking system from the country you're visiting.

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