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Are there any setup charges or hidden fees for the software?

Absolutely not!

We're totally upfront and transparent about the pricing for our MIDAS room booking software.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don't bury our pricing information or force you to contact us for a quote.

Instead, we clearly display our pricing here on our website (just click the "Pricing" link from any page on our site!).

We do not charge any additional "set up" fee when you initially purchase or subscribe to MIDAS, and there are no other hidden fees.

In the case of purchasing a "self hosted" MIDAS system (where you download, install, and run the booking system from your own server), there is a simple one-off cost. (An additional Support Subscription is optionally available)

In the case of our "cloud hosted" system option (where we host your booking system for you on our infrastructure), we offer the choice between monthly or annual subscription pricing models.

The price of our software is determined by the number of spaces you wish to manage and book, and the number of individual user accounts required. You may upgrade your booking system at any time should you require additional user accounts or wish to manage additional spaces.

Upgrade pricing, as well as subscription renewal pricing, is available for existing customers to check via our website at any time.

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