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Can I have an extension to my 30-day trial?

In addition to the usable public demo of our web based room booking system MIDAS (which you can explore whenever and however often you'd like), we're also pleased to additionally be able to offer FREE private trials of our software (without the limitations of the public demo).

Our fully-functional private trials are offered for a continuous period of 30-days from the date the trial is activated.

The vast majority of organizations who "trial" MIDAS find that 30 days is sufficient time to be able to evaluate our software to determine whether it will meet their particular booking/scheduling operational needs.

However, if towards the end of a 30-day trial period, an organization feels they need a little more time, then upon request, we can on occasion grant a short extension of between 1-2 weeks past the initial 30-day expiry (provided that this is requested a few days before the original trial expires).

However, because we do have a finite number of trial "slots" available at any given, we're unfortunately unable to guarantee any such extension, as this will depend upon the level of demand for trials at that time from other prospective new customers.

We generally also only permit each individual organization to have one 30-day trial period a year. This is to ensure that organizations who have never previously trialed MIDAS have the opportunity to do so.

If your organization would like a further 30-day trial within a year of your previous trial, you're very welcome to contact us, and we will try our best to accommodate this, again based upon the level of demand for trials at the time.

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