Cloud Based Scheduling

Cloud Based Room Scheduling System
As more and more people will testify to, cloud-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is the way to go and fast becoming the solution of choice for many organizations! The benefits of a cloud based room and resource scheduling system really do speak for themselves...


Our cloud-based room and resource scheduling solution, MIDAS, is available whenever, and wherever you are - Whether you're at work, in the office, at home, or on the move, you can get instant on-demand access to your bookings.
Our cloud-based system also allows your customers and clients to instanstly check the availability of your rooms/venues, make bookings requests online, and pay their invoices online!

Ease of Set-up and Use

MIDAS is a perfect choice for multi-user/multi-site environments, and great for system admins too, as cloud applications don't need to be installed, downloaded or upgraded! - all your users need in order to use MIDAS is a modern web browser and an Internet connection!


Because there's nothing to install/deploy and maintain, your equipment and operating costs can be drastically reduced as a result of switching to a cloud-based, on demand application for your room and resource scheduling!

Introducing MIDAS...

MIDAS, is trusted by organizations all over the world!

We currently host cloud-based scheduling solutions for schools, colleges, universities, local government, entertainment, sports, and leisure complexes, Churches, and community centres - whatever the size of your organization, MIDAS is the cloud-based room and resource scheduling solution for you!

A cloud hosted MIDAS provides you with a powerful, intuitive, versatile scheduling system that's ready-to-use right from the word go! You don't need to worry about installing any software updates either, as we handle all these for you - offering a true "hassle-free" scheduling solution!

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