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Why am I being frequently logged out of my booking system?

If you're regularly being automatically logged out of your MIDAS booking system, perhaps even within a few seconds/minutes of logging in, then there are a few potential reasons for this:
  1. Your IP Address has changed

    For enhanced security, if your MIDAS scheduling system detects that your IP address has changed whilst you're currently logged in, your active session will be automatically terminated and you'll need to login again. If you're on an unstable or public wi-fi internet connection, try switching to a more stable/fixed connection. If you're being logged out due to IP changes within your own organization's internal network/wi-fi, you may need to speak with your network administrator for further assistance.

  2. You've logged in from another device, and multi-logins are not enabled

    If you've not enabled the "Allow multiple logins by users" option for your MIDAS system, then each user account may only be logged in from one device/browser/location at any given time. As soon as an account is logged into from a second browser, location or device, the first session will be automatically terminated. To allow users to be logged into your MIDAS scheduling system from multiple browsers, locations or devices at the same time, please enable the "Allow multiple logins by users" option. You'll find this setting via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Security.

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