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Why do I see a session timeout message immediately after I log in?

If when you attempt to log in to MIDAS, you are immediately returned back to the login screen with the message "Your session has timed out! Please login again", there are a number of possible causes of this:
  1. You have cookies disabled in your browser - in which case re-enabling cookies should resolve the problem!

  2. You are using an obsolete/unsupported web browser - see Supported Browsers

  3. You are not accessing your MIDAS via the correct URL - Please ensure you've entered/bookmarked the right URL for your MIDAS (which shouldn't end ".pl", or contain any "?" or "&" characters - if in doubt, please contact your MIDAS system administrator)

  4. You are logged into another MIDAS session in another open tab or browser window. A second login attempt should be successful.

  5. Your server is running "mod_perl". "mod_perl" is not required by MIDAS and is known to cause problems, such as an endless "Your session has timed out" loop. Please see our article on how to disable mod_perl.

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