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Why are variables not being substituted in my templates?

MIDAS includes a range of flexible templates. These may be freely modified, allowing you to customize outgoing emails, invoices, printouts and more.

The Template Editor may be accessed via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Templates.

Each of the available templates allow you to insert dynamic "variables" (or "placeholders") into them. These are then substituted for real data from your booking system, each time the template is used.

The available "variables" differ depending upon the template selected. Available placeholder variables are listed at the bottom of the template editor for each templates.

Each variable follows a similar format, in that it both starts and ends with a percentage symbol (%), contains no spaces, and is in UPPER CASE.

For example, the variable %VENUE% would be automatically substituted for the name of an actual venue (room/bookable space) from your MIDAS system when the template is used.

If a variable is not being correctly substituted for actual data from your scheduling system when a template is used, there are a few things you can check:

  1. Has the variable been spelled correctly?
  2. Is the variable applicable to the selected template?
    - Note: Not all variables are applicable to all templates.
  3. Does the variable appear within the correct section of the template?
    - Some variables need to be placed within the <bookings> ... </bookings> section of a template.
  4. In the case of custom variables (those starting %CUSTOM_...), does the corresponding custom booking field still exist?
    - If you've recently renamed or removed a custom field, you may need to update your templates accordingly to change or remove %CUSTOM_... variables.

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