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How do I insert a page break into my invoice template?

There are a wide range of editable "templates", within MIDAS which you may customize to suit your particular needs. These include templates for your regular and cancellation invoices.

As these templates accept standard HTML and inline CSS code, it's easy to insert a "page break" so that when your room booking invoices are printed, different content appears on different pages.

For example, you may like to include Terms & Conditions or payment instructions on a separate subsequent sheet of paper, rather than these appearing on the same page as the actual invoice content for your room bookings.

To insert an invisible "page break" into your invoice template, simply place the following line of code at the point where you'd like to instruct your printer to start a new page:

<div style="page-break-after:always"></div>

Any template content appearing after the above line of code will appear on a new page when printed.

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