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What causes a "Can't locate midascommon.pm in @INC" error?

If you encounter an Internal Server Error after installing a self-hosted edition of MIDAS on your server, along with a "Can't locate midascommon.pm in @INC" message displayed either in your web browser or in your server's error log, then there are a couple of potential causes for this.

For context, midascommon.pm is a dedicated Perl module for MIDAS. It is located on your server at the same location as your MIDAS system installation. MIDAS requires this module in order to function correctly. A "Can't locate midascommon.pm in @INC" error indicates that your Perl installation was unable to locate this module, because your MIDAS install location is not one of the locations on your server where Perl is looking for external modules.

Possible causes for this include;

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