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Why did I receive an email notification of booking requests that require my approval, but when I login I see none?

If you are authorized to approve booking requests for your venues, and are set to receive automated email notifications whenever a new booking request is made, you may find that after receiving such a notification and logging in, that there are actually no pending booking requests awaiting your approval.

This will likely be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Another authorized user has already approved/rejected the booking request. (You may find evidence of this in the Recent Activity log provided the user who processed the request isn't "invisible")
  2. The original requester has cancelled their booking request, which they can do via a unique "cancel link" included in the automated email they are sent when they make their request. (You may find evidence of this in the Recent Activity log)
  3. The request was made for a time period that has since passed. Requests for time periods which have "expired" are automatically removed from MIDAS. So, for example, if a member of the public makes a request on a Friday evening to use one of your venues the following day on the Saturday, and yet you don't login to your MIDAS system all weekend until the following Monday, their request will no longer be present in the system when you do, as the date/time their booking request was for has since passed.

    For this reason, you may wish to change your Public Booking Request settings to prevent requests for your venues being made at too short notice. This setting can be found via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Web Requests → Requests must be made at least X days in advance
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