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My browser tries to open / save "index.pl" instead of showing a login

After installing a self hosted edition of our MIDAS room booking software on your server your web browser prompts you to open or save a file named "index.pl", this can be as a result of your server configuration. Specifically, your server is not currently allowing Perl (the language in which MIDAS is written) to be executed in the location to which you have installed your MIDAS booking system.

Browser prompt to open or save index.pl file

On some web server configurations, Perl (and CGI) is restricted by default to only be executable from within the server's "cgi-bin" (or equivalent) directory.

If you encounter this issue, then you'll need to enable script execution for the directory you've installed your self-hosted MIDAS room scheduling software to. If this isn't possible, then you'd instead need to reinstall your MIDAS room booking system to a different server location which does permit the execution of Perl / CGI.

If you're running an Apache server (regardless of platform), details of how to enable script execution in server locations other than in the default cgi-bin folder may be found in Step 3 of our How to install & configure Apache on a Windows server article.

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