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I'm prompted to open / save a .pl file when I run the MIDAS installer

If you're prompted by to open or save a file named "install.pl" when trying to access the MIDAS room booking system self-hosted installer via your web browser, this indicates that either your web server doesn't know how to correctly handle cgi / perl scripts, or that you've not set the permissions correctly on the install.pl file itself after uploading it to your web server.

Browser prompt to open/save .pl file

Please check that the MIDAS software installer (install.pl) has been granted "Execute" permissions on your server (CHMOD 755), and also that your web server knows how to correctly handle cgi / perl scripts.

If your server doesn't know how to correctly handle .pl files, it may try to serve the unknown file type as a text file or as a download, instead of the correct action of "executing" it.

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