Well, it’s Black Friday once again (more about that later!), and if you’re a regular reader of our blog then you’ll already know about some of the upcoming features in MIDAS v4.05 including improved iPad and touch-screen device support and a new Venue “Blocking” feature.

So we thought we’d take a moment to reveal some of the other improvements you can expect with the next update to our powerful web based room scheduling solution, this time in Invoicing:

Improvements to Invoicing

Previously, the “Booking Notes” associated any booking for which an invoice was generated were automatically included in the “Invoice Notes” area of the corresponding invoice.

In MIDAS v4.05, you’ll be able to disable this behavior, or choose a different booking field (including custom fields) to include in the “Invoice Notes” section of your generated invoices.

Itemize Invoice Notes

What’s more, we’ve included an “Itemize” option so for invoices containing multiple bookings, MIDAS can automatically denote which “notes” apply to which bookings:

Itemized Invoice Notes

After feedback from a couple of our customers, we’re also introducing a way to completely remove the “Tax” line from your invoices if you don’t charge tax, and don’t want to show a 0% tax rate on your invoices. In MIDAS v4.05, setting the “Default Tax Amount” blank (rather than just 0%) will hide the tax line on invoices where there is no tax element (existing invoices which contain a tax element will not be affected and will still show the tax line)

Now, back to Black Friday – if you’re not following us on Twitter (@mid_as), then right now you’re missing out on some incredible deals – for today only – for both new AND existing customers of our MIDAS web based room scheduling software