MIDAS Stands With Ukraine

As governments around the world sanction Russia and its allies, like many software vendors, we here at MIDAS HQ are appalled and horrified by recent world events. We want to play our part to show our support and solidarity with Ukraine.

As more companies and businesses take it upon themselves to withdraw their products and services from Russia, we’re doing the same.

To that end, we’ve conducted a thorough review of our business operations in light of Russia’s abhorrent invasion of Ukraine.

Reviewing our operations

As you may be aware, MIDAS is a UK based business. However, we have customers in dozens of countries across the world.

We are pleased to report that our review found that we don’t currently have any active customers in either Russia or Belarus.

Now, whilst our administration resides in the UK, much of our network infrastructure is geographically located in US. (See: Where is MIDAS based?)

However, we have no physical or virtual presence, operations, or infrastructure in Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine.

That said, our network does utilize Cloudflare, a US company who provide CDN (Content Delivery Network) and website security services. Cloudflare do have network infrastructure in these countries. You can read more about Cloudflare’s stance in their post: “Steps we’ve taken around Cloudflare’s services in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia

Whilst we’re helpless to stop the atrocities in Ukraine, there are some small actions that we can take in response.

Actions we’ve taken:

  • We’ve blocked access to our website and our customer’s cloud hosted MIDAS systems from Russian and Belarusian IP addresses.
  • We’ve blocked Yandex (Russia’s equivalent to Google Search) from crawling our website.
  • We’ve halted future sales of MIDAS to organizations located in, or with close connections to, Russia and Belarus.

We believe the above measures will be widely supported by our customers. These measures will remain in place until further notice.

We stand united with the people of Ukraine. Post-war we will look to further support Ukrainian organizations and businesses rebuild their operations and get back on their feet, by offering free licenses for our MIDAS scheduling software.