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Our customer support just keeps getting better!

One of the things we’re most proud of at MIDAS, is our professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive customer support.

That’s why every few months, we review how we’re performing on this front, to ensure that our customers who’ve taken out an Annual Support Subscription with their purchase of our web based room booking system, are getting an unrivaled support service!

To ensure our high standards of service, we analyze the difference in time between when a priority support email is received by us, and when a response is given.

When we last analyzed our performance, back in October 2012, we found that for the previous month, September, over 90% of support request emails were answered within 2 hours of receipt, regardless of the day of the week!

Now, at the start of February 2013, we’ve analyzed our performance again for the first month of the new year, and found our support to be more responsive than ever!

The table below shows the percentage of Priority Support emails and how quickly they were answered in both September 2012 and January 2013.

 September 2012January 2013
Answered within 1 hour76.29%85.95%
Answered within 2 hour90.72%91.23%
Answered within 3 hour92.78%94.74%
Answered within 4 hour93.81%96.49%
Answered within 5 hour94.85%98.25%
Answered within 6 hour96.91%98.25%
Answered within 7 hour98.97%98.25%
Answered within 8 hour98.97%100%
Answered within 9 hour98.97%
Answered within 10 hour98.97%
Answered within 11 hour100%
Our Speed of Response to Priority Support Emails

As you can see, for the month of September 2012, all priority support emails received were answered within 11 hours without exception. In January this year, every priority support email received was answered within just 8 hours! …and it’s important to note that these are not “automated” or “canned” replies – every priority support email we receive is individually answered by a real person!

Given that last month, over 85% of priority support emails received were answered within an hour of receipt, we decided to go one step further, and break this down further – we determined that in January 2013 over 70% of Priority Support Emails were answered in under 30 minutes of receipt!

Now, how many companies do you know where you can get a real human email response from in under than 30 minutes, any day of the week!!?

So if you’re considering MIDAS for your organization’s scheduling needs, but are perhaps worried about support issues, or whether an Annual Support Subscription to MIDAS is worth having, the above figures really do speak for themselves!

Still not convinced? Read some of our Customer Reviews about our software and the outstanding support we provide!

Why our customers love us: Our unrivalled support!

“ I just love how responsive MIDAS support is! ” – Vera Miles, Maryland, US

We know one of the things our customers appreciate about MIDAS is the level of support we provide! That’s why every so often we analyze just how we’re performing in terms of the support we provide to our customers.

Back in February, we looked how we performed during the first month of 2012. Our figures showed that during January, over 90% of support request emails received from our customers were answered within 5 hours of receipt!

We’ve now performed this same analysis, and our performance figures reveal that,
During September 2012 over 90% of support request emails were answered within 2 hours of receipt whatever day of the week!

“ I am certain that with MIDAS and the support you guys give (which incidentally is what swayed the sale) our little charity is going to go from strength to strength! The whole package is working beautifully for us and the more we are using this the better it gets! … The best thing I have ever done is buy MIDAS, the support is second to none! – Ellen Wiggins, Reading, UK

So if you’re using other scheduling software and have to sometimes wait days for a half-hearted response to your queries, isn’t it time you made the switch to MIDAS!? We know that not every business runs Monday-Friday, 9-5, that’s why our friendly, helpful, knowledgeable support team are dedicated and committed to making MIDAS work for you!

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