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Domain Alias Addon

In our previous blog post, we introduced our new optional “Custom Branding” addon.

This allows you to re-brand (white label) a MIDAS booking system, removing any references to “MIDAS” and replacing them with your own name and logo.

The “Custom Branding” addon is available to both self-hosted and cloud-hosted customers.

Now, for cloud-hosted customers, if you want to remove references to “MIDAS” from your booking system, you’ll still have the “” reference in the actual URL for your MIDAS system (i.e. “”).

Our new companion “Domain Alias” addon solves this issue!

It allows you to setup access to cloud hosted MIDAS system via another domain instead. – for instance a sub-domain of your organization’s own website domain.

So for example, if your hosted MIDAS domain was “”, and your organization’s own domain was “”, you could use the optional Domain Alias addon and set say “” to use as the URL for your hosted MIDAS system instead.

Domain Alias Addon for MIDAS
Domain Alias Addon for MIDAS

Setting up a domain alias is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Enter the domain/sub-domain you wish to “alias” to your hosted MIDAS system.
  2. Make a small DNS change on your organization’s domain using the information provided in the addon
  3. Confirm that you’ve made your DNS change

Once your changes become active, you’ll be able to access your hosted MIDAS system via your chosen domain alias.

For more information about this optional addon for cloud-hosted customers, please visit:

We are delighted to announce the completion of our roll out of dedicated sub-domains for all our cloud hosted customers!

This follows a desire expressed by a few of our customers to be able to have their cloud-hosted MIDAS systems accessible via a dedicated sub domain.

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is a part of a website’s domain name that comes before the main domain name, separated by a dot.

It functions as a separate website, but still shares the same primary domain name.

Think of it like an apartment within a larger building: it has its own address and entrance, but it’s still part of the overall structure.

Here’s an example:
Main domain:

Subdomains for new hosted customers

At the start of this year (2016) we began providing this to all new customers who chose a cloud hosted edition of MIDAS.

Let’s assume that your company was called “My Organization”. If you subscribed to a cloud-hosted edition of MIDAS in 2016, you would have been able to choose the dedicated MIDAS subdomain for your hosted booking system.

However, if you purchased a cloud-hosted MIDAS system prior to 2016, you’d instead have been accessing your system via

This was before dedicated subdomains were available.

Subdomains for all hosted customers

The good news is that from today, we’ve now rolled out dedicated subdomains to all our hosted customers who purchased prior to 2016 as well!

So, if you previously accessed your hosted MIDAS system via, you’ll now have the dedicated subdomain Old URL’s will continue to work and redirect to for some time.

If you purchased a cloud-hosted MIDAS system prior to 2016, we’d like to encourage you to update your bookmarks and links. Going forward, they should now point to your new dedicated subdomain!

There are a few things to note when updating your bookmarks/links:

  1. If your hosted MIDAS URL previously contained underscores (_), you’ll need to change these to hyphens () when updating your bookmarks and links.
    For example: would now become
  2. If your hosted MIDAS URL previously contained a domain name (other than i.e., .com, etc, you’ll need to remove the end part when updating your bookmarks and links.
    For example: would now become
  3. If your hosted MIDAS URL previously contained any period characters (.) (other than the initial period in the primary “” domain), you’ll need to remove these when updating your bookmarks and links.
    For example: would now become

If you have any questions, or aren’t sure what the new dedicated subdomain for your hosted MIDAS system is, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will be more than happy to help!