We’re excited to announce our new “Custom Branding” addon for MIDAS room booking systems (v4.28+).

Our new optional “Custom Branding” addon allows you to completely re-brand our software. This allows you to create a “white-label” software edition in which you can apply your own branding.

Visible traces of the word “MIDAS” can be removed, along with the MIDAS logo, links to the MIDAS website, and more. In their place, you can give the booking software your own bespoke name, logo, and icon.

A custom branded MIDAS login screen
A custom branded MIDAS login screen

An extensive range of customization options are available through the Custom Branding addon. These provide extended control over your booking system’s appearance:

The new Custom Branding addon also allows easy modification of any of the included “language packs” in MIDAS too. This means that you can completely customize all the wording and phrasing used throughout the software.

Moreover, the Custom Branding addon is available for both self-hosted and cloud-hosted editions of MIDAS.

For more information about the new Custom Branding addon, please visit https://mid.as/custom-branding

If you’re a cloud-hosted MIDAS customer, you may also be interested in our new “Domain Alias” addon. This addon compliments our “Custom Branding” addon. The Domain Alias addon allows you to make it appear that your hosted MIDAS system is in fact running on your own domain!