In number of places in our scheduling software you can select a date range. For example, when printing bookings, searching for bookings, of viewing reports and statistics over a custom date range.

For MIDAS v4.27 we’re making it really quick to select common date ranges.

Previously, to select a date range in these areas, you’d be presented with two fields, each of which may be selected separately to show a popup calendar. This allowed selecting both a start date and finish date for the date range.

In v4.27 you’ll notice that we’ve now added a small “…” icon after these dates:

Fast selection of common date ranges in MIDAS
A new “…” icon allows fast selection of common date ranges

Clicking, or simply “hovering” your mouse over this “…” icon will show a dropdown list of common date ranges:

A number of common predefined date ranges are available in MIDAS
Quickly select a common date range in MIDAS

Selecting one of these common date ranges will automatically populate the start and finish dates respectively.

This makes it really fast to select, say, the last 7 days of bookings with just a single click!

Previously, this would take a minimum of 4 clicks! (Clicking once on the first date, clicking again to select a date from the resulting popup calendar, and then repeating this again for the second date).

How To Get MIDAS v4.27…

MIDAS v4.27 isn’t yet publicly available. It is expected to be made available to Beta Testers soon, with a full public release shortly after. In the meantime, why not check out some of the new features that were included in v4.26 ?