v3.13 is primarily a maintenance release, improving performance, and fixing a number of bugs that have been discovered since the release on v3.12 (See bugs.mid.as for a full list of bugs fixed)

However, a couple of new features have also made it into v3.13:

Better support for SSL connections
In previous versions of MIDAS, SSL (https) connections have not been well supported. In v3.13, we’ve addressed this with a new “SSL Access” option (which you’ll find under MIDAS Admin Options -> Manage MIDAS -> Security).

With SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the connection between your browser and the server is encrypted, so if you’re worried about the potential for your MIDAS data to be intercepted during transit be sure enable SSL Access to your MIDAS!

If the server from which you are running MIDAS allows SSL connections, 3 “SSL Access” settings are available within MIDAS:

Disabled – Force all users to connect to MIDAS via http:// (https:// connections will be redirected to http:// connections)
Enabled – Allow users to access MIDAS via either http:// or https://
Forced – Force all users to connect to MIDAS via https:// (http:// connections will be redirected to https:// connections)

UPDATE – August 2012: If your MIDAS is “Remotely Hosted” by us, High Grade 256-bit encrypted SSL access to your MIDAS is now INCLUDED!

Notification emails can be automatically sent to administrators when new booking requests are received
Following feedback from our users, we’ve now included options to allow MIDAS to automatically send notification emails to selected MIDAS Administrators whenever a new Booking Request is received by your MIDAS! (You can select which users receive this notifications via MIDAS Admin Options -> Manage MIDAS -> Web Requests).

Automatically Adjust for Daylight Savings Time (DST)
For a while now you’ve been able to specify the timezeone your MIDAS is running in. In v3.13, we’ve now added the option to “Automatically Adjust for DST”. (You’ll find this setting under MIDAS Admin Options -> Manage MIDAS -> Appearance)