How To Setup Watch Notifications

This video tutorial covers how to set up "Watch" notifications, to receive automated alerts where certain activity occurs.

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Hello and welcome to MIDAS tutorials.

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to set up watch notifications.

Now watch notifications in MIDAS are really useful as they can be used to alert users when certain activity takes place.

To set up your watch notifications you go to "My Messages" and then click this icon here.

It'll then ask us what we want to "watch" so let's select "Consumables".

It'll then list all the consumables that we've defined in MIDAS, and we can set up automated notifications when the number of consumables falls below a certain level.

So for example, if I was responsible for reordering flipchart marker pens and paper, I can say when quantity gets below 20 send me a notification and I'll know to reorder.

The other option, if we select "watch bookings" this allows us to select the triggers for our notifications.

So for example we could select Room 6 here in the venue list, and and "Additions, Modifications, and Removals" in the watch level, and we click Save Changes.

So now whenever a user adds a new booking, modifies a booking, or removes a booking from Room 6, we'll receive an automated notification.

If we only wish to receive notifications when new bookings are added we can change the watch level accordingly to "New additions only".

Again, we can watch multiple venues if we wish.

We can select Room 6, 7, and 8.

So with these settings any time a new booking is added to Room 6, 7, or 8, we'll receive a notification.

But for now let's just go for Room 6.

The second column allows us to trigger on a booking type.

So if we select "Internal", and you'll see between our venue column and booking type column there's the word "OR".

So with these settings a watch notification will trigger if a booking is added to Room 6 "or" a booking that's set to the booking type "Internal", regardless of the venue

If we change "OR" to "AND", then this will only trigger if a booking is added to Room 6 that's also an "internal" booking type.

And again a third column exists for resources as well, if we wish to receive notifications when resources are added to various bookings.

This is really useful for your catering staff or your IT staff, as they can be alerted when those services are required.

But for now we'll just select Room 6 on its own.

So now whenever bookings are added to Room 6, we'll receive a notification and we go "Save Changes".

So let's go back to our booking grid, and let's add a booking to Room 6 and you'll see the "My messages" icon in the toolbar now has a little "1" to show there's a new notification, and we can click that and there's our watch notification there.

So the triggers I've set up for this tutorial admin user account will trigger regardless of which user performs the action.

So if another user adds a booking to Room 6, I'll still get a notification and the trigger settings are specific to each user.

So a different user could set up different watch notification triggers, and so forth.

In addition, in the settings section at the bottom of the screen, the "Also send new watches to my email" setting can be used to forward your watch notifications to your email address as well,

and you can also select this to happen only when you're not logged in.

That way, you don't have to be constantly checking MIDAS for new watch notifications, you can automatically receive them in your inbox.

Thanks for watching and be sure to check out some of our other video tutorials online.

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