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Do you have a local sales representative/partner in my country?

We're sometimes asked if we have local sales reps, resellers, or partners in a prospective new customer's own country.

As a small UK-based online business, with a global customer base, we do not have physical sales "reps" around the world.

Instead, in order to better serve out global customer base, our friendly sales team is purely web based (via Live Chat or email), but you can expect fast and friendly responses from knowledgeable staff to any questions you may have in relation to our software.

Also, If you'd like a "demo" of our scheduling software, we'd be delighted to offer you a no-risk private 30-day trial of MIDAS - hosted on our servers - which will allow you to explore the features and capabilities of our software at your own pace. This, when explored in conjunction with our library of FREE on-demand video guides, provides a really good "guided demo" of MIDAS.

We don't have resellers or partners - MIDAS can only be purchased directly from us (we do however run an affiliate program).

If you have pre-sales questions about MIDAS, or would be interested in your own private trial, please do get in touch!

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