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Can you provide contact details for existing customers?

We're occasionally asked by prospective new customers if we can provide them with contact details for other organizations near them who are existing MIDAS customers.

For data protection reasons, unfortunately we're unable to give out contact details for individual customers without their prior knowledge and consent.

If you're looking for genuine reviews of our software by real users, be sure to check out our customer testimonials page. In addition, you'll also find further reviews of MIDAS by real customers on leading independent review site Trustpilot.

If after reading the above reviews, you'd still like to make contact with an existing MIDAS customer, then Google is your friend!

For instance, a quick Google Search for:

"powered by MIDAS" site:.edu

...will return results for several US Universities running self-hosted MIDAS systems. Alternatively, searching for:

church "powered by MIDAS" site:mid.as

...will return results for several Churches running cloud-hosted MIDAS systems.

If you're unable to locate existing customers in a similar niche via a Google search, and really wish to speak to an existing customer before purchasing MIDAS, please contact us. We may be able to contact a suitable existing customer on your behalf and obtain their permission for us to provide you with their contact details. However, as we hope you'll appreciate, for privacy reasons this may not always be possible.

Don't foget that we do also offer an entirely risk-free, no obligation, 30-day trial of MIDAS! So if you're not sure whether MIDAS would be a good fit for your business, why not try it yourself FREE!

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