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Using the MIDAS API with Postman

Postman is a third party API development tool. It helps developers build, test, collaborate and integrate APIs, and is used by over 5 million developers every month.

The following article outlines how to use the MIDAS API with Postman.

This article is provided as a guide only, and assumes that you already have an active account on the Postman platform. For further assistance setting up or using Postman, please refer to the vendor's own documentation/support.


Step 1 - Import the MIDAS API Collection

Once logged into the Postman platform, navigate to or create a new Workspace. For this example, we've created a new Workspace named "My Workspace".

It's now time to import the MIDAS API collection. To do this, click the "Import" button.

Import API collection in Postman

In the resulting Import dialog, select the "Link" import option, and enter the following URL:

Import API collection from URL in Postman

Then click "Continue".

On the following dialog, click "Import":

Import API collection from URL in Postman

The MIDAS API collection will then be imported into your Postman workspace.

Step 2 - Configure Authorization

Select the "MIDAS" collection in your Postman workspace, and then click on the "Authorization" tab:

API Key Authorization in Postman

Ensure the "Type" field is set to "API Key", and the "Key" field to "X-API-KEY".

Enter your MIDAS API key in the "Value" field, then click the "Save" button near the top.

Step 3 - Configure your API URL

Switch to the "Variables" tab, and create a new variable named "URL" (uppercase, no quotes). Set both its initial and current value to the URL of your MIDAS system. The URL should not include any filename.

Setting an environment variable in Postman

Finally, click the "Save" button.

Step 4 - Make API calls

You're now ready to make calls to the MIDAS API from within Postman.

Here's an example of using the MIDAS API to retrieve the version number of your MIDAS system via Postman:

Making an API call to MIDAS via Postman
  1. In the MIDAS API collection, navigate to the "get_setting" entry (you'll find this in the "Misc" folder)
  2. In the "VALUE" column for the "setting" row in the right-hand pane, enter "version".
  3. Click the "Send" button.
  4. Postman will then make a call to your MIDAS API to retrieve the version number of your MIDAS system, and display the results, for instance: {"version":"4.30").

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